Role Played By The Beneficial Pond Bacteria

airmax_aeratorBacteria are known for?

Bacteria are known for the beneficial or detrimental roles they perform. The beneficial bacteria break down wastes such as dead vegetation, uneaten feeds and waste products. These substances, if left to accumulate in the pond, can cause water problems. The specific type of bacteria that bring illnesses to human beings, such as ulcers and septicemia, are the same that carry out beneficial roles in ponds. They help to balance the water system. They effectively perform this role by digesting toxic ammonia and turning it into nitrites, which is then converted to nitrates. This curbs excessive ammonia which is a major threat to other living organisms in the ponds. The existence of a bio filter is also attributed to the beneficial bacteria. The bio filter makes water suitable for the pond bacteria to flourish. If you combine a pond water aerator with this you are on your way to having a very vibrant eco system in your pond.

A Tolerable Amount of Beneficial Bacteria

Naturally, ponds have a tolerable amount of beneficial bacteria to clean the pond water. Ponds with a high amount of nutrient deposit, for instance from dead algae and plants, need more of these good bacteria. It is necessary to add more of the beneficial bacteria so as to increase the chances of having clean water. With reduced nutrient level, there is a higher amount of oxygen in the water making it much cleaner. There are commercial Beneficial Bacteria intended to meet this need. They come in the form of a packet or liquid. However, the most reliable bacteria are the naturally occurring ones in the ponds.

The detrimental bacteria, also referred to as anaerobic bacteria, have a negative effect to the conditions of their environment. Those in the ponds are responsible for poor quality and bad odor of water. Their role is to assault the living organisms in the pond hence causing diseases. Therefore, there is need to outnumber the bad with the good ones in order to maintain ecological balance. The best way of staying armed is by adding beneficial bacteria to the pond regularly. For even more beauty and health in your pond you could also implement a Kasco surface fountain aerator.